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Foreign Textbook

Newly Arrived Foreign Textbook

Shin Yoojung, Foreign Textbook Library
The Foreign Textbook Library, the only library in Korea fully devoted to the collecting and exhibiting of textbooks, has been sharing the result of the CEFIA’s Understanding Korea Project and has given visitors the chance to read foreign textbooks since 2003. Visitors at the Foreign Textbook Library, in the Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) at the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), can freely peruse the procured foreign textbooks. Before coming to the library, visitors are asked to check in advance whether the textbooks they wish to read are available because researchers of the Understanding Korea Project may be using those books for study.
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Austria, 24 Social Textbooks
Image - Austria, 24 Social Textbooks
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Indonesia, 15 Social Textbooks
Image - Indonesia, 15 Social Textbooks
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