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Culture Focus

Understanding Korea Series No.4


Book cover - Author : Moonho Park
- Publisher : The Academy of Korean Studies
- published date : November 2015
- Page number : 169
- language : English
- ISBN : 979-11-86178-15-7-03980

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This book traces the developmental stages of Seoul from its birth as the capital of the Republic of Korea to today’s mega city along with its history and culture. After a close reading of a vast amount of literature on Seoul, the book presents objective information on Seoul and portrays various aspects and images of Seoul including history, culture, development, renewal and the major features of current Seoul that stand out from other mega cities in the world. In other words, it is a well-balanced representation of a city called Seoul.


1. A City Called Seoul
2. The Capital of Joseon, Hanseong
3. Modern City Gyeongseong
4. The Growth of Seoul and Transformation of the Urban Space
5. Shadow of Growth and Regeneration and Healing of the City
6. Historical and Cultural City, Culture of Seoul
7. Global City Seoul’s Present
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