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2018 Fellowship for Textbook Specialists of Honduras

An Unforgettable Visit to Korea

Photo-Tilsa Aliceth Aguilar Rivera
Tilsa Aliceth Aguilar Rivera
General Manager, Spacio Grafico Publisher
My recent visit to South Korea (April 20-29) under the AKS “Fellowship for Textbook Specialists of Honduras” was an unforgettable experience that has given me an incredible knowledge of this beautiful country, which never ceases to amaze me. Three people from Honduras including myself went on this trip as representatives of a company dedicated to publishing books for our country.

From the moment we set foot in this country, we were treated delicately, and everything was very well organized, which made us feel very much at home. Our first visit was to the AKS Academy, where, in addition to being treated with kindness, we had the opportunity to enrich our knowledge of Korea at presentations delivered by specialists in diverse areas, including education, contemporary history, economics, inter-Korean relations, and Korean culture.

Additionally, we visited the Korean folk village "Suwon Hwaseong Fortress" which I found to be a truly beautiful and charming cultural heritage. We also had the opportunity to travel by bullet train to Gwangmyeong from where we went to the historic city of Gyeongju, a beautiful place that is home to the UNESCO designated Gyeongju Historic Areas. I am passionate about its history and its beautiful palaces, as well as the tombs of ancient Silla kings - impressive assets whose history the tourist guide Lee Eun-jung and the representative of Park Hye-jung the Academy told us about in great detail. In my opinion, they seemed wonderful and impressive.

Regarding the economy, we visited Posco, steel-making company that conveys the remarkable degree of economic growth Korea has enjoyed. I loved the phrase on the gate that said; "Resources are limited, but creativity has No limit." It seems to me a very apt phrase for countries that want to succeed.

To end our visit, we traveled to Seoul, the country’s beautiful and impressive capital, where we visited the palaces of the Joseon dynasty, the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, and a theater. Everything was impressive. I now feel very committed to this country, and would like to promote its history, its economic growth, its natural beauty and, above all else, something that I did not mention before - its delicious and healthy cuisine. During our visit we were taken to countless restaurants where we were able to taste Korea’s rich and varied cuisine.

Finally, I can only say “Thank you Korea!” for the unique opportunity that you gave us, and thanks to all your people for being so kind and wonderful.
Photo-2018 Fellowship for Textbook Specialists of Honduras

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