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Call for articles to promote the Understanding Korea Project

Photo - Call for articles to promotethe Understanding Korea Project
Greetings! The Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) invites you to submit articles about the “Understanding Korea Project” campaign. This is part of our efforts to publicize activities that are carried out in other countries concerning the contents of textbooks, literature or other materials associated with the campaign. We would appreciate the monitors’ positive participation.
Application Period   By December 31, 2020
Subjects   Any subject related to the understanding of Korea
  Examples :
  - Korean culture and related activities in other countries.
  - How is Korea described in foreign textbooks in terms of history, social studies, literature, music,
    physical education, etc.?
  - Planning materials for the understanding of Korea and/or an analysis of such materials.
  - Cultural comparison between Korea and other countries.
  - Awareness of Korea among the people of other countries and their interest in Korea.
Length   More than one A4 page (in a free format on any type of document including PPT, Microsoft Word,
  HWP or PDF)
Benefit   Each contributor will receive a souvenir.
Submission and Inquiries   Please submit your articles or send your inquiries to:
  - http://www.ikorea.ac.kr/korean/
  - E-mail: cefia@aks.ac.kr
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