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Recognizing people's interest and nourishing it

South Korea is being recognized in many fields worldwide. From unique music, heart-capturing dramas and entertaining TV shows to delicious cuisine, multinational conglomerates, and advanced gaming industry. In this essay, I focus on how South Korea can utilize the interest people have, nourish it and attract more people from Canada. My essay focuses on the marketing and the logistics measures that should be taken.

South Korea is known for its funny, hilarious and informative variety shows. Variety shows can appeal to both Koreans and foreign fans. Variety shows are important because it shows the dynamics of South Korean culture. They are a great way to promote sight-seeking sites in South Korea. However, some of these shows can be lengthy and hard to follow and understand. This is why I suggest having a Korean show targeted to Canadians. A travel show that showcases South Korea's most unique places. This show can be 10 minutes per episode, posted on Youtube and/or on tradition media to capture more Canadian audience. It will highlight places foreigners can go to, how to get there, food offered and the average cost. A show like "one day and two nights" but in 10 minutes. I also suggest posting clips on Instagram TV to reach a greater audience worldwide.

People, who have visiting South Korea on their bucket list, might be intimidated by the Korean language to cross off this goal. They think they need to know Hanguel in order to get around and communicate with Koreans. My suggestion for this problem is to create an all in one app. This app will book airplanes tickets to South Korea, hotels and touristic sites all in one place. Users of the app can add where they want to go to South Korea and the app will calculate for them the duration they need to see everything on their list with the average cost. This app can also direct tourists on how to get to places they desire to visit. It will make tourists not feel like they are juggling many things at once. Also, it will be a one place to go to plan a memorable trip to South Korea. The app should support English and other languages with a build-in customer service that can answer any question via text before and during the trip to South Korea 24/7.

Recently, Korean literature has been flourishing in North America. Koreans writers are making the headlines in the publishing world with their unique stories and exquisite writing style. South Korea needs to utilize on that too. I suggest creating a book club where each month readers read a book by a Korean author, followed by a discussion around topics that this book tackled. Book influencers might be asked to join in this book club. Book influencers normally write online book reviews or post aesthetic imagery on Instagram. It is a great way to create a buzz around Korean books. Literature is important because it gives a raw glimpse of everything was, is and will happen in South Korea. This can be a start of demonstrating South Korea in a different light to regular consumers of South Korea's pop culture.

My fourth suggest would be to create Kcon in Ottawa. Kcon has proven popularity in the United States. I think it is about time for Ottawa to host its own Kcon. Kcon is another way to nourish people's love for Kpop. Last May, Snuper, a Korean boy group, was invited to perform at the K-pop cover dance festival in Ottawa. Fans attended, excited to see the K-pop group in their own city. If Kcon was to be created in Ottawa, it will be a great opportunity to feed the interest of fans of Kpop who are unable to travel to South Korea to attend a Kpop concert. Kcon can also be a way to hold small events that introduce a different aspect of the Korean culture.

I suggest also creating a B2B tradeshow. A tradeshow is a way for Korean companies to showcase what they can offer to the Canadian market. For example, grocery stores can be asked to attend this tradeshow if there are interested in introducing Korean foods to their store. Grocery stores are always looking for new products to offer to attract more customers. Since South Korea has many healthy food options, this can be an opportunity that can bring many economic benefits to South Korea.

South Korea is already successful in promoting its image worldwide. It is a matter of maintaining that success and working on providing more. By focusing on nourishing people's interest by doing what is suggested in the essay, South Korea can greatly improve its image worldwide. All in all, South Korea is walking on the right path to be a world leader in every sector.

[Participation Prize]
Basma Abdel-aal

(Country of Activity : Canada)

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