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Culture Focus

Cultural Landscapes of Korea

Book cover - Publisher : The Academy of Korean Studies
- published date : December 2013
- Page number : 166
- language : English

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This book is a comprehensive introductory book on Korean culture from an anthropological perspective. The subjects are wide-ranging, from traditional lifestyles including housing, food, and religion to contemporary cultural changes that have taken or are taking place in South Korea through industrialization and globalization. The book's approachable design with colorful photographs makes it a useful introduction to Korean culture.


Ⅰ. The making of Korean Culture
Ⅱ. Traditional Life Styles
  1. Everyday Life
  2. Religion and Ritual
Ⅲ. Korean Culture in the Era of Globalization
  1. Industrialization and Urbanization
  2. Changes in the Countryside
  3. Family and Marriage
  4. Education
  5. Religion
  6. Leisure and Quality of Life
  7. Localization and Revival of Local Cultures
  8. Environment VS. Development
  9. Information Technology
  10. Hallyu Culture
  11. Multicultural Society
Ⅳ. Local Culture
  1. The Gyeonggi Region
  2. The Gangwon Region
  3. The Chungcheong Region
  4. The Jeolla Region
  5. The Gyeongsang Region
  6. Jeju-do
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