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Culture Focus

Understanding Korea Series No.1


Book cover - Author : Lee, Ji-young
- Publisher : The Academy of Korean Studies
- published date : November 2013
- Page number : 134
- language : English
- ISBN : 978-89-7105-965-4-03710

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The book starts with how Hangeul, Korea’s distinctive writing system is different from those of its neighboring countries, China and Japan. It then discusses in a simple manner the creation of Hunminjeongeum and changes over the time to present day in detail. Although this book is written to broaden the understanding on Korean culture, the book is written from a linguistic perspective making a valuable reference to students of Korean studies and Korean language.


1. Korean Language and Hangeul in East Asia
2. Transcription of Korean Using Chinese Characters
3. The Creation of Hunminjeongeum
4. Changes of Hangeul
5. History of Hangeul Usage
6. Hangeul Now
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